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About Us

The Gaibo Agency was created in 2016 to assist Australian tourism businesses and government agencies in the complex Chinese tourism market.

After a long-term period of full-time employment at Sovereign Hill (one of Australia’s most successful tourism products in China), the founders Garry Burns, and Jessica Xue saw an opportunity to provide boutique sales and marketing representation service in the China market. We stand for a hard working but fun work philosophy in our China office, and we enjoy doing as much as we can for the clients we represent to ensure they succeed in this complex market.

Nothing gives us more joy than seeing our clients achieve whether that is a successful social media campaign, an innovative trade or consumer event, hosting familiarisation visits or negotiating critical campaigns with strategic partners.

A staff of over 10 delivers what we believe is some of the very best boutique representation services in China. We like to excite our customers all day, every day with… Creativity, Eagerness to Help, Kindness and Empathy, Eagerness to Resolve Issues, Timely and Accurate Solutions, and taking Ownership of The Customers’ Needs.

Garry Burns

As previous Director of Marketing for Sovereign Hill, one of Victoria’s key tourist attractions, Garry Burns is recognised as one of Australia’s most astute tourism marketing executives. His key strengths are product development for the China market, brand and creative development, event management and public relations.

He has been deeply involved in growing the inbound China market for significant tourism attractions for 17 years, including premium products for Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade, and the development of Sovereign Hill strategies and products specifically for the China market. Garry has made more than 50 trips to China since 1997 and has lived in Shanghai for short periods to gain a deeper understanding of the market. Garry departed Sovereign Hill in December 2016 to establish The Gaibo Agency.

Jessica Xue

China-born Jessica Xue is one of the leading tourism executives in Australia for the China market. She grew up in Shanghai, so has an innate understanding of the culture and relationships which are integral to successful business dealings in China. She held the position of Sales and Marketing manager for Sovereign Hill for six years.

Jessica’s industry connections, negotiation skills and travel agency networks are second to none in Australia, and she is highly skilled in developing products and services across all market segments. Her understanding of the China tourism industry and culture, coupled with a very creative mind, has resulted in many successful promotional campaigns in that market.

While government regulations restrict business activities for foreign companies in China, Jessica’s licensed company in Shanghai facilitates events for our clients, including rental of office space, employment of local staff for marketing and promotional purposes, and registration of domain names for websites and social media. Jessica is fluent in Mandarin, Shanghainese and English. Jessica also departed Sovereign Hill in December 2016 to establish The Gaibo Agency with Garry Burns.